Dedicated to quality, committed to excellence.


iThrough is committed to develop, design and produce outdoor equipment suitable for everyone.

In 2008, our founder established the “iThrough” club. As a healthy sports enthusiast, our founder thought the personal sport and Health products available on the market can not meet the people’s need in deed, so he and his team began explore to enrich and improve people's outdoor life by innovation health outdoor products.

In 2010, based on the shared vision of sports friends, the “iThrough” brand and company were established. We just do what we like best, and with the mature understanding of the equipment, iThrough quickly established its own position in the three areas of outdoor equipment, small sports equipment & Electronic accessories and built a fortress.

Take challenges, make life funny. We’ve aligned the entire team around one mission to give consumers highly desirable products that are useful and priced for mass-market adoption with superior customer experience possible. excellent quality and deeply rooted brand concept have won the favor of the majority of sports enthusiasts.


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